Managing your club finances

Setting club budgets

Your club needs to have a club budget in place; your club’s budget needs to be a part of your Club development plan. Through your club committee you will need to understand and agree what your club wants to achieve and how much this will cost to achieve it.

Managing club budgets

Your club’s budget will be the main tool that helps you to manage your finances, as well as helping you to communicate your finances to the rest of the club and people outside of the club.

You will need to have a:

Short term budget – to help you manage everyday club finance

Long term budget – to help you plan and manage your funds for the next 3-5 years.

Clubs Matters provide some simple steps to help you develop the right budget for your club and provides further guidance about how to manage your money.

Club Matters also run a number of 3hr Club finance courses including:

  • Understanding your Club finances
  • Understanding the tax requirements for your club people
  • Developing a business plan

If you do not see a course you are able to attend but are interested please contact Club Durham and let us know.