Club Governance Structures

Club governance is the way in which you run your club. Good governance means having the right structure and people in place at your club as well as the correct policies and procedures. Having the correct governance means you will:

  • Have happier and more effective volunteers
  • Be able to manage risk and protect your members and volunteers
  • Will have more time to focus on what is important to your club
  • Will be more likely to meet funding criteria

Your committee oversees the club’s governance and affairs. The committee is there to serve the club and make sure that its members receive the best possible service and experiences. To help achieve this, a committee should have a structure which includes:

  • A chair – Who is the person in charge
  • A secretary – Who deals with administration
  • A treasurer – Who manages the money

Beyond this your committee structure depends upon your club and it is important to find a structure that will work best for you.

  • Make a list and look at all the tasks and responsibilities your club needs to do to undertake your sport and run the club. Group these and consider committee roles for the key areas.
  • Create sub-committees as these will allow you to focus on areas. For example, you may have a finance sub-committee or a fund-raising sub-committee.


For more information, resources, and workshops on Club structures visit the Club Matters link