Supporting your volunteers

What do your volunteers need from your club?

This will depend on:

  • Your club’s goals and ambitions
  • The size of your club
  • Your sport
  • Your members, players, and participants requirements

Reviewing your club’s volunteer workforce regularly will help you support and retain volunteers:

  • Appropriate and up to date coaching qualifications
  • Appropriate insurance cover
  • Minimum coaching age
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable groups
  • First Aid

Check with you National Governing Body for more information as these will vary between sports

Recognising your volunteers

Simple, cost-effective ways to help retain and celebrate your volunteers include:

  • Celebrating birthdays by sending a card or presenting them with a cake
  • Celebrating length of service or milestones in the project like introducing a volunteer recognition certificate
  • List volunteers in external and internal communications including newsletters, annual reports, or a website

Other ways in which you can recognise volunteers’ contributions are:

  • Give them positive feedback from participants or parents
  • Fund volunteer training to show you are investing in them
  • Credit your volunteers in local and social media and newsletters
  • Introduce pathways to paid employment
  • Include your volunteers in planning discussions and consultations
  • Ensure volunteers are well informed of any new club developments and news.

More information and resources on retaining & supporting volunteers is available via the Club Matters Link.