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Growing Your Club

Club Durham offers tools and support to help you grow your club successfully.

Promoting Your Club

Effective promotion helps you grow and maintain your volunteer and membership numbers. For your marketing and promotion to be effective, it is best if you have a marketing plan. Your plan should consider the following:

  • What are you promoting?
  • To whom are you promoting it?
  • How will you promote your club?
  • Where will you promote your club?
  • Everyone involved with your club should help in the marketing and promotion, even by simply telling people what you have on offer and how they can take part.

Buddle offers templates and guidance on marketing plans. Sport England Buddle marketing plan

 Club Finder

All clubs that are part of Club Durham will appear on our Club finder. This search tool helps connects people in the public to clubs.  People using the finder will be able to search for clubs in their local area by sport and age group.

Appearing on Club finder is a fantastic way of promoting your club to new potential members.

Contact your locality officer for more information on getting your club details on Club finder or if you need to update any current information on this website Contact Us.  It is important we can keep this information kept here to best serve the clubs we support through this well promoted search tool.