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Starting a New Club

What you need to consider

Club Durham supports the development of new sports clubs. When starting a new club there are key things that you need to consider:

  • Is there local interest in your proposed new club?
  • Are there volunteers to support your club?
  • Do similar clubs already exist in your area?
  • How far away is the nearest club like yours?

If you feel there is demand, and you want support developing your new club then please Contact us.

Where will the club be based?

For information on how to find and manage your club facilities see Help finding a facility.

How to manage the club?

A committee is the easiest way to manage a club. As a minimum a committee will have a chairperson, treasurer, and a secretary. Having a committee will spread the workload as well as bringing different ideas and skills into the club.

For more guidance on the how to set up a committee, roles and expectations of members, and the benefits of different club structures see Club management

Where to find support for starting a new club?

  • Contact us for one-to-one support on starting a new club.