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Clubfinder – call out o update club details

Call out to Clubs


Please could you take 2 minutes to check your Club details on our Club Durham Club Finder website.


Now that lots of people are looking to get back into activity after such a lengthy period of lockdowns and inactivity, Club Durham and other networking partners get quite a few emails enquiring where they can go to join sports clubs. So, we can sign post effectively, and hopefully encourage more people into sports clubs, we would like to update our Club Finder information, so it is as up to date as possible.


If your information needs updating, please contact your Club Durham Locality Officer.


If your club is no longer on this site; or you want to add a club to our Club Finder; or the club has had a change of committee and you need to inform us of any new contact persons we need to liaise with, then again please contact your locality officer as we are happy to help.


Club finder

Club finder connects people to clubs. All clubs that are part of Club Durham will appear on our Club finder. People using the finder will be able to search for clubs in their local area by sport and age group.


Looking for a club?

If you are looking for a new sport or for a new club, the Club finder will show you all clubs in County Durham who are part of the Club Durham programme. All clubs listed will have undergone relevant checks.


(Jan 2023)

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