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East Durham Running Club


East Durham Running Club is underpinned by its philosophy or rallying cry of inclusivity, development, strength, community and heritage.

I believe that running should be all inclusive; it should omit no-one and include everyone who wants to be involved, this includes those who live in deprived area villages and don’t have access to finance to purchase basic kit needed for running, such as correctly fitting running shoes and safety equipment for running in the dark. I want to be able to offer discretionary support to these runners who have such barriers.

I believe in personal development. Running stimulates such a feel-good factor within people, but also gets people talking. It builds networks and opens doors of opportunity. I don’t just want to run a running club, I want to support people with their development, in running and beyond.

I believe that strength is a great thing, both physically and mentally. As a running club we are stronger together and will be able to support each other to be as strong and resilient as possible.

I believe in our community – there is a gap in our community that I believe East Durham Running Club will fill. I hope to encourage runners of all ages


East Durham Running Club
Seaside Lane South (Back),

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