FREE Funding Workshops

Club Durham is launching a series of mini funding workshops in response to feedback from clubs requesting more support around funding and finance. Each workshop is two hours long and they are free for all Club Durham clubs to attend.


Thursday 29th June – Workshop 1: What do you need funding for and where is it?


All clubs would like funding but does your club really need funding. This workshop helps you reflect on the short and long term needs of your club in relation to funding and helps you decide whether grant funding is the right option for you. You will also look at where funding can be found and decide and whether these funds are right for your club.


Wednesday 26th July – Workshop 2: Basic Bid Writing


If you have decided grant funding is the option for you, this workshop looks at the basics of bid writing. You will learn about different types of funder, what they want to see in applications and how this should influence how you write your application.


Thursday 24th August – Workshop 3: Advanced Bid Writing


This workshop looks at how you can make your application stand out from the crowd through the use of evidence to support your application. You will look at ways to collect your own evidence, as well as how to use the research that is already out there. * Although this workshop builds on workshop 2, you do not need to attend workshop 2, if you feel your club already understands the basics.


Wednesday 27th September – Workshop 4: Community Fundraising


Grant funding is not the only way to raise the funds your club needs. This workshop looks at how to raise money from the community and which option is best for you. You will examine lotteries, challenge events, celebrations and regular giving as some of the options available.


Monday 23rd October – Workshop 5: Approaching organisations for sponsorship


Sponsorship from local organisations can be another alternative to grant funding. This workshop looks at how to approach an organisation with your request.


All workshops will be held at Finchale College, Pity Me, Durham, DH1 5RX and run from 6-8pm. Tea and coffee will be provided.


You can book on one of the workshops, the ones that are of most interest to you or the entire series. Once you have decided which workshops you would like to attend, please email with the following information:


Club name:

Workshops you would like to attend (i.e. workshop 1&2):

Names of people attending the workshop:

Contact email address:

Contact phone no.


*Only two members per club can attend