Toolkits and resources

Toolkits and resources

Club Durham gives clubs access to the toolkits and resources which will help you to run a healthy, sustainable and successful sports club. This includes everything from Club Management to Club Finances providing the support and guidance you need.

See our useful downloads for a list of all the toolkits and resources currently available on our website.

Can’t find what you need? Contact us and we will do our best to find it, or even develop it.

Club Matters

Club Matters aims to provide clubs with the resources you need to run a healthy, successful and vibrant sports club. You can browse their A-Z resources library to get the support you need.

Please note, you will first need to register and log-in to the site to access these free resources.

National Governing Bodies

You can also contact your sport’s National Governing Body for details of any specific resources they may provide.