Salamander Taekwondo

Martial Arts

Salamander Taekwondo is a World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) style organisation, which aims to provide a unique physical activity to local communities were the clubs are based. There are two types of classes: Traditional Taekwondo and Olympic Style Taekwondo.

Each class gives every individual the opportunity to progress and develop physical and psychological attributes such as speed, power, self-confidence and self esteem, while also learning about respect and the importance of discipline.

Salamander Taekwondo caters for all abilities aged 4 years and above. We help people achieve their goals, whether it be to improve a persons confidence to preparing to compete at a high standard in Olympic Style Taekwondo.

Venue locations are: Tow Law Community Centre )DL13 4AW) and Jane Robson’s School of Dance – Consett 26, DH8 8LY,


Salamander Taekwondo

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